Page last updated 16th April 2019

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Coach's wishlists

See below for the Coach wishlists for Aquarius Performance and J2/J3.

These are items of kit your coach would like swimmers to have. However it is in no way obligatory. Please do not feel you should replace current pullbuoys, floats, fins or snorkels, unless they actually need replacing. The linked supplier is SportySwim, Nottingham. They also have a shop with fitting rooms should people wish to visit.

Aquarius Performance coach wishlist

Junior 2 and Junior 3 coach wishlist

Fins, floats, bottles etc

To order fins, floats, bottles, net bags and pull buoys, please email

Hats, shirt, hoodies etc

To order personalised hats, shirts, hoodies and onesies please email

Please note that prices and availability are subject to change. The prices shown on the website are for illustration only.