Page last updated 23rd January 2016

Learners and Junior 1

This page contains links to useful documents relevant to the Learners and Junior 1 swimming groups.

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Changing room policy - ASA guidelines

Please be aware parents should not be in the changing rooms whilst swimmers are changing, unless their child is of an age where help is required - usually 8 or less (or older if they need specific assistance.) In such circumstances the parent must be the same gender as the child, unless the pool has mixed changing facilities, i.e. any male over 8 should be in male changing room and any female over 8 should be in the female changing room - ALWAYS. Anyone failing to comply will be asked to leave.

Swimming matters

Children with long hair MUST wear swimming hats, as long hair is a safety hazard. Lifeguards may well prevent entry to the pool if a swimmer is considered to pose a hazard to themselves or others. (This applies to boys and girls!!)

Girls must wear one piece costumes and boys must not wear loose leisure shorts

Please put names on all poolside kit - clearly with permanent ink markers - thank you

Guidance & Criteria for Junior 1

Two useful documents for swimmers in Junior 1 or about to move into this group.

Criteria for Junior 1 swimmers

Guide for Junior 1 swimmers


All you need to know about the Swimfit scheme.

What Swimfit is all about

Swimfit form to keep track of your distance

Conversion chart - metres to miles

Log File

It is important that you keep a log of your swimming activities using the MyTrainingLog documents to help you.

MyTrainingLog(weekly) - a filled in full week example for you to work towards

MyTrainingLog(weekly) - an empty full week template for you to fill in

You can keep track of your personal best times using the MyTimes document

MyTimes - for keeping track of all your times