Page last updated 27th October 2016

Junior 2

Junior 2 is a transition group between Junior 1 and Junior 3. Swimmers moving from Junior 1 will be put into Junior 2. Swimmers in this group will sharpen skills from LTAD stage 1 and be introduced to the core training areas of LTAD stage 2.

Junior 3

Junior 3 corresponds to LTAD stage 2 where the emphasis is on developing outstanding technique.

The main areas of training are - skill, technique, speed, breath control and kick. Towards the end of Junior 3 swimmers will be introduced to the core areas of LTAD stage 3.

The progression from Junior 3 is then either to Aquarius Performance, Aquarius Club or a Hub club program.


Swimmers in both groups are expected to compete in the Junior League, counties, club championships and Level 2/3 open meets.

Session requirements

Although there is no minimum number of sessions, Junior 2 swimmers should be swimming 2/3 sessions per week and Junior 3 swimmers should be swimming 4/5 per week.