Page last updated 12th June 2018

Training groups and swimming sessions

There are several different teaching and training groups within the club. Learners (1 session) - 1 hour per week, Juniors which is split into Junior Start and Junior Development, and Aquarius which is split into Aquarius Club and Aquarius Performance.

Swimmers progress through these groups according to age and/or ability and are moved on at the discretion of their teachers or coach.

Junior and Aquarius swimmers can come to any, or all of the timetabled sessions within their group, but the fees remain the same however many times they swim. Learners attend the same, single session each week.


Our timetable appears on a separate page - Timetable page

Please remember to check our closures page to see if there are any changes.

Learner Sessions

Learners attend the same, single session each week. However, if your child swims with group in the deep end, they may be asked to attend twice a week to improve their stamina in preparation for their move into Juniors.

Junior 1 Group

Swimmers in this group are encouraged to swim at least twice a week if possible. They need goggles, float, pull buoy and flippers, drink (water). Swimmers usually move from learners into this group.

You can find out more details about the Junior 1 group here.

Other Junior Groups

All the details about the Junior Start and Junior Development groups can be found here.


Orion values all its swimmers, from learners right through to our top competitors. We are always working to ensure that each swimmer maximizes their achievements in line with the level of commitment they bring to their swimming.

To qualify for Aquarius swimmers must be available to swim in competitions. Dual registered swimmers must have Orion swimming club as their named home club. All swimmers must be registered with the ASA as category 2.

All swimmers must enter the Warwickshire County Championships held in March every year. All swimmers must enter all designated open meets as decided by the Committee and Head Coach.

All swimmers must attend at least 3 sessions per week although swimmers in year 11 or year 13 may swim fewer sessions with agreement from the Head Coach.

All swimmers must have county qualifying times in at least two different strokes across a minimum of two distances

All swimmers must be prepared to represent Orion swimming club at different events including social and non-swimming events.

Swimmers should be at least 11 years old for this group however; younger swimmer maybe considered if the above requirements are met.