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Swim England Membership Fees

All swimmers and their responsible adult(s) pay Swim England membership fees. This ensure that our swimmers and parents are covered by the Swim England insurance. Swim England membership fees are paid annually.

Swimming Fees

Swimming fees cover the cost of the swimming sessions. The annual swimming fees are divided into 12 monthly payments solely for the convenience of our members and they are therefore payable throughout the summer months.

The monthly payment depends on the training group your child is placed in. Payment is made by direct debit.

Letter for new members (updated May 2019)

Orion membership application form (updated May 2019)

Fee Increase September 2019

You will recall that we gave some advanced warning in May 2019 that fees would need to increase from 1st September 2019. Those of you that attended the AGM on the 7th July 2019 will have heard me explain why this is required and details about the new fee structure. For the benefit of those that were unable to attend, I explained that the club is in a challenging financial position. This is due to a combination of an unexpected drop off in membership numbers (resulting in decreased monthly subscription income) and increasing pool hire costs (due to increased pool time and price rises). As a result, we are currently depleting our cash reserves at an unsustainable rate and in order to maintain the viability of the Club, fees need to rise sooner rather than later.

Fees for Learners and Orange Squad swimmers will not be changing - OS fees were reviewed and increased recently and fees for Learners are, we believe, appropriate. Fees for all other swimmers will increase from £40 a month to £48 a month and the maximum family rate payable will increase from £90 a month to £105 a month.

The Committee appreciates that this is a significant increase, but we have carefully benchmarked our fees against other local clubs and we continue to provide excellent value for money, especially given the quality of our pool time and of our coaching team.

Those members that have signed up to Direct Debits through GoCardless will have any increase automatically applied. Rather than amending their standing orders, please could those members yet to sign up to GoCardless please do so by clicking the link below and completing the simple form. You will then receive 2 e-mails, one confirming you have given Orion the authority to collect Direct Debits and the second (once I have processed it) notifying you of the payment schedule. Once you have received the second e-mail you can safely cancel your standing order.

Go Cardless Direct Debit (opens in a new window).

Any queries, please direct them to me at