Page last updated 13th March 2019

Orion Membership Fees

If you have a query please contact the Committee rather than just waiting until someone approaches you to find out why you haven't paid.

All swimmers pay an Orion membership fee. It is club policy for each swimmer to have one 'responsible adult' as a Club member as advised by the ASA. Each responsible adult pays a nominal Club membership fee as well. Club membership fees are paid annually.


ASA Membership Fees

All swimmers and their responsible adult(s) pay ASA membership fees as well. This ensure that our swimmers and parents are covered by the ASA insurance. ASA membership fees are paid annually and are usually collected alongside the Orion membership fees.

Swimming Fees

Swimming fees cover the cost of the swimming sessions. The annual swimming fees are divided into 12 monthly payments solely for the convenience of our members and they are therefore payable throughout the summer months.

The monthly payment depends on the training group your child is placed in. Payment is required by standing order. Please make sure you continue to pay the correct amount, especially when your child changes groups. Please note that the Club will require you to pay any back-dated amounts owing should you fail to amend your standing order on time.

Letter for new members (updated March 2019)

Bank standing order form (updated March 2019)

Orion membership application form (updated March 2019)