Page last updated 5th August 2019

Pool closures, session changes and parking restrictions

Monday 19th August 2019

Morris Centre

Saturday 24th August 4.45- 5.45pm - OS training squad/AC
Tuesday 27th August 8.15 -9.15pm- AC
Wednesday 28th August 8.15 9.15pm - OS training squad/AC
Tuesday 3rd September 8.15- 9.15pm -AC
Wednesday 4th September 8.15- 9.15pm -OS training squad/AC
Saturday 7th September 4.45-5.45pm - J1/JC
Sunday 8th September Learners 3-4pm/ OS learn to swim 4pm - 5pm/ OS juniors 5pm - 6pm/ OS trainingand AC 6pm - 7pm.

Blue Coat School

Saturday 24th August 9am - 2pm
9am - 10am - Sunday learners
10am - 11am - Sunday learners
11am - 12noon - OS learn to swim
12noon - 1pm - OS juniors
1pm - 2pm - J1/Jc