Page last updated 15th August 2018

Orion Swimming Club Championships 2018

Entries are now open for the 2018 Club Championships. These take place over two weekends.

First weekend - 30th September 2018

The first weekend is for young swimmers up to 8 year olds, Orange Squad events, older swimmers aged 11 years and over 400m freestyle and all 200m events, with the exception of 200m freestyle.

All races take place on Sunday 30th September between 9am and 1.30pm.

If you wish to enter on this day, you will need to be registered on the Swim Portal for 2018 and should go to the 'View Meets' tab and choose 'ORION KEBS DISTANCE CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS 2018', click 'Attending' and choose your events.

Please note that the events 31M, 33M and 35M are for Orange Squad swimmers only. So if you are not in the Orange Squad, you cannot swim these events!!!

The closing date for entries for these events is September 14th. No late entries can be accepted.

Second weekend - 20th and 21st October 2018

The second weekend is for 9 years and over 50m and 100m events, plus the 200m freestyle. You need to be aged 10 or over to enter the 100m Butterfly and 11 or over to enter the 200m freestyle.

Races take places over two days on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st October.

If you wish to enter, you should go to the Swim Portal, choose the 'View Meets' tab and choose 'ORION BHAM UNI CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS 2018'. You then click 'Attending' and choose your events.

The closing date for entries for these events is 9th October. No late entries can be accepted.

Other information

Races cost £4.00 each to enter but the 100m IM, 200m and 400m longer distance events are free to keep the total cost per swimmer down. Payment will be made through the Swim Portal.

Invites to the races your swimmer qualifies for (based on age) will be sent out shortly. If you do not receive an invite, it will probably be because you are not registered for 2018 on the Swim Portal. You will need to register first and then wait to be invited to compete when we have checked your registration.

You can register using this link: Swim Portal.

If you have forgotten your password for the Swim Portal, you will need to contact Active direct. If you have any queries, or need help entering if you are in Orange Squad, please contact