Page last updated 20th October 2018

Orion Swimming Club Championships 2018

Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st October

JC is also off 21st October

Please, can swimmers today NOT bring food poolside - energy drinks are sufficient for 2.5 hour sessions and there was a huge mess left last year.

Swimmers need poolside shoes and tops

Links to the FINAL programmes and timeline guides for the weekend are shown below.

There will be NO changes to the programme irrespective of the reasoning - late changes led to organisational chaos at the distance champs - so please do not ask/plead/bribe/bargain etc.

Therefore I will give a blanket apology now for any electronic mistakes you may think the software has made......

All timings are very approximate and we expect swimmers to attend the relevant warm up for their session. Warm up starts 35 minutes before the gala timeline start i.e. 12.30pm, 5pm and 4pm respectively

We will be running our Saturday morning University session if swimmers want to practice starts etc

There will be no J1, J2, AC, AP or OS sessions on Sunday 21st but learners will be running in the morning.

Please remember the total lack of parking for the first session on Saturday 20th due to University open day - see University Open Day Trvel and Parking

There will be NO printed programmes on the day.


Event list - all times are subject to change

Session 3 programme

Session 4 programme

Session 5 programme

Due to a large number of entries, we have had to change the programme to get all events finished on Sunday. Therefore the Boys 50m breaststroke will now take place on Saturday evening (session 4) and NOT the Sunday session. We are really sorry for any inconvenience this will cause and have tried to find another solution but this change appears to affect the least number of swims. So, boys, 50m breaststroke events are now on Saturday evening. If you now have to withdrawal from the event can you let us know ASAP-thanks. All other events are unchanged including girls 50m breast.

We have also been told there is an Open day at the University on Saturday 20th October and so car parking will be very restricted on-site. Also, Orion membership cards will not cover for the gala sessions so if using the sports centre car park please be aware significant charges may apply.

Once again we can only apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Sunday 30th - programmes

Please find attached the programme for Sunday morning - printed copies will NOT be available poolside.

Please ensure swimmers arrive for warm-ups and NOT just for their race times which are just available as a very rough guide.

Events list - all times are subject to change

Session 1 programme

Session 2 programme

Sunday 30th - latest info

Please note the following changes for Sunday-

OS swimmers doing distance events(only) ie 200m+ should arrive by 8.30am for the new warm-up time of 8.40am.

Swimmers aged 12+ should arrive at 8.40am for an 8.50am warm up

Swimmers aged 11 & under should still arrive at 8.50am for a 9 am warm up. We are not expecting swimmers aged 7 & under to have a swimming warm up but still need them poolside by 9.00am

OS swimmers doing 50m or 25m races should arrive at 11.15 am in the pavilion with a view to 11.30am warm up

Spectators will be allowed in after 8.55am - please see below - what to expect

It would be great if you could bring- donations for the raffle, cake sale and loose change if at all possible.

ALL ORION sessions on Sunday 30th are cancelled except AP at BCS

Please note that a number of none OS swimmers have been removed from 25 and 50m races on Sunday as these events are in place for OS swimmers only - sorry if I did not make that clear in previous emails.

If you can help with timekeeping, marshalling etc and have not had a specific email please email me.

Officials are asked to arrive promptly in the pavilion at 8.55am-please remember pens, clipboards, stopwatches, whites if you have them.

A reminder that there is to be no photography during the event.

The programme and estimated timings will be sent out just as soon as they are finalised. We will not be printing out programmes so please print one yourselves or have a method of viewing them on Sunday.

Yes it is KEBS

Sunday 30th September - what to expect

On Sunday 40th September you should arrive by 8.50am (except OS who can arrive at 11.45am)

Where should I park?

Enter King Edward's Boys School by the Park Vale gate on the Bristol Road and drive up to the parade ground. Please park considerately as there are a lot of parents who will need to park and may need to leave before you.

What should my child bring?

As little as possible - just the essentials as space is at a premium.

They should arrive with swimming costumes underneath their clothes and carry a small bag containing towel/towels, goggles + spare, hat + spare, water and sensible snacks - energy bars/muesli bars etc. Younger children can get bored waiting for their races - you know best what might help keep your child entertained but please refrain from giving them electronic equipment and encourage them to cheer and watch their fellow swimmers.

What should I bring?

A drink, something soft to sit on, ear plugs and paracetamol! And of course your best cheering voice We will NOT be selling programmes so please print off or download the programme which will be emailed out

Can I buy food at the event?

On Sunday 30th we ask that parents bring something to contribute to the cake sale. The sale raises funds for the Club and keeps both competitors and parents full of sugar-induced energy! Please bring change - large notes are troublesome - unless of course you turn it into a donation for the Club - hint hint.

Also cake donations would be massively appreciated

What time will the sessions end?

On Sunday 30th we expect to finish by 2 pm

Can I leave when my child's events are over?

Yes, but we would also encourage you to spare a thought for the competitors towards the end of the programme who don't want to swim without a crowd to cheer them on. We also think it is good for your child to see the calibre of swimmers we have at Orion so they have a sense of where they might end up.

How does it all work?

All the competitors are lined up on the far side of the pool in their age groups. Parents sit slightly more comfortably on the spectators' side. Space is at a premium so please arrive in time and perhaps think about the number and age of spectators who accompany you, I would not recommend bringing toddlers to the event (I speak from experience here!).

The team of Orion volunteers will be dressed in white and will run the events one after the other with military precision so you'll need to concentrate. It will be noisy - all swimming events are - it will also be hot, so make sure you have some cool layers on. All competitors will be timed and their times recorded and made available to you via email after the event. These times are official and your child will be able to see how close they are to reaching qualifying times for external Galas - they will have a tangible target to aim for after this event. As per all swimming meets we ask for quiet before each race start.

How can I best support my child before the event?

Some children will find the noise and the number of people daunting - so please try and prepare them for that and encourage them to ask their coach/the nearest adult in white if they don't know what to do. Make sure they know which events you have entered them in so that we are not running around and chasing them. Remind them to pay attention to what the organisers call as they will line up for their races a good 5 minutes before their race starts.

Can my child come to the spectators' area during the competition?

Please discourage your child from popping over to see you in between races but don't worry if they do, particularly the younger children. If your child's races are finished then by all means they can change and come and sit with you for the remainder of the competition. If they do come to see you remind them to be considerate and careful and not to walk where swimmers are preparing to race.

Anything else

There will be refreshments in the pavilion and hopefully somebody will also be selling Orion kit.
All being well there will be a raffle and donations are extremely welcome for this
We will also be selling cakes in the Pavilion
No prizes / t shirts will be awarded on the day
If your child comes in the top 3 in their particular race it does not mean they are in the top 3 for their age group so please try not to falsely raise expectations.

Is photography allowed?

Sorry but there is to be NO photography at the event

How does it end?


The Championships take place over two weekends.

First weekend - 30th September 2018

The first weekend is for young swimmers up to 8 year olds, Orange Squad events, older swimmers aged 11 years and over 400m freestyle and all 200m events, with the exception of 200m freestyle.

All races take place on Sunday 30th September between 9am and 1.30pm.

If you wish to enter on this day, you will need to be registered on the Swim Portal for 2018 and should go to the 'View Meets' tab and choose 'ORION KEBS DISTANCE CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS 2018', click 'Attending' and choose your events.

Please note that the events 31M, 33M and 35M are for Orange Squad swimmers only. So if you are not in the Orange Squad, you cannot swim these events!!!

The closing date for entries for these events is September 14th. No late entries can be accepted.

Second weekend - 20th and 21st October 2018

The second weekend is for 9 years and over 50m and 100m events, plus the 200m freestyle. You need to be aged 10 or over to enter the 100m Butterfly and 11 or over to enter the 200m freestyle.

Races take places over two days on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st October.

If you wish to enter, you should go to the Swim Portal, choose the 'View Meets' tab and choose 'ORION BHAM UNI CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS 2018'. You then click 'Attending' and choose your events.

The closing date for entries for these events is 9th October. No late entries can be accepted.

Other information

Races cost £4.00 each to enter but the 100m IM, 200m and 400m longer distance events are free to keep the total cost per swimmer down. Payment will be made through the Swim Portal.

Invites to the races your swimmer qualifies for (based on age) will be sent out shortly. If you do not receive an invite, it will probably be because you are not registered for 2018 on the Swim Portal. You will need to register first and then wait to be invited to compete when we have checked your registration.

You can register using this link: Swim Portal.

If you have forgotten your password for the Swim Portal, you will need to contact Active direct. If you have any queries, or need help entering if you are in Orange Squad, please contact