Swim Camp - Llandudno 2018

We have just safely returned from our annual swimming development camp in Llandudno. This year we took more swimmers than ever before (54) and a lot of new swimmers who not only have not attended a camp before, but hadn't been away from home before.

The swimmers

New to camp this year were Alexandra (Girl Alex), Noah, Violet, Natascia, Hasnat, Haydar,Phoebe, Jodie, Bobbie, Daisy, Emily (without a tail), Sairose, Katie, Lucy, Joseph, Maysoon, Ashrita, Tanesh, George ( boy George), Caitlyn, Bronwyn, Elliot, Inke, Sarah, Olivia, Imaani, Saana, Philip. (Philip T), Rebecca, Daisy,

Returning were Aimee, Fabian, Sam, Lana, Teigan, Chloe, Konrad, Grace, Madison, Jamie, Emily-Jane (Emily with Wheels) ,Daniel (Big Dan), Anna, Emily with a tail, Daniel ( little Dan) Scott, Phillip (Phillip P) , Joshua, Vernon, Alexander (Boy Alex ) , Alice, Emaan, Georgina (girl George)

The youngest swimmers were aged 6 years old and the oldest 73 years old. Quite a range.

The staff

Staff this year, were Karen, Steve, Pam, Heather, Emaan, Saana, Grace, Aimee and Georgina (girl George) (although Georgina, Aimee, Grace, Saana and Emaan also trained in the pool at every session). Steve and I only managed one session in the water this year, although, at one session we may as well have just got in, as we were absolutely soaked. We really need to remember to take a change of clothes to the pool with us at every session. Walking back in wet clothes was not the greatest fun we have ever had.

The swim camp

This year's camp was absolutely fantastic, with the least amount of problems we have ever had, although managing that amount of people was hard work and very difficult at times, with the outcome of really only one swimmer not enjoying themselves out of 54, we call that a great success. I have to say I started laughing in the car park at Langley on the Tuesday morning and was still laughing on the journey home. I have laughed until I have cried and my tummy hurt. Even when the tiredness kicked in, we have laughed and laughed. I think that statement alone reflects how successful the camp has been.

We had seven swim sessions over 5 days and one land training session. We did originally plan to do two land training sessions but the weather was so kind, we substituted the second land training session for beach time. We had trips to the beach, sandcastle building, seashell hunting, walks on the pier, trips to the shops, trips to the amusement arcade, walks on the promenade, exploring the town, as well as the 4-6 times a day walk to and from the pool. Next year we will be looking at putting in another training session in the pool giving us eight sessions.

Each swim session was divided into 4 lanes, with a training programme specifically written for each of the four lanes. Some sessions were just under 2 hours, some sessions one and half hours and one session being just one hour. Lane 1 covered 38,000m - 40,000m over all the sessions, with specific turn around times and sprint sessions included, Lane 2 covered 28,000m - 30,000m again with specific times and sprint sessions, Lane 3 covered 18,000m - 20,000m which is more than some of them have ever swam before in their entire lives. Lane 3 swimmers were split over the session time, with squad Purple swimming for about 45 minutes and then Squad Orange swimming for 45 minutes depending on the length of the session. Lane 4 had specific individual plans per swimmer. We were late arriving at the pool for one session so that cut out some of the planned mileage. That had something to do with Sam's tickets at the arcade - see below.

Helping in the water and on poolside were also Grace, Alice C, Emaan, Alex (girl Alex), Saana, Sarah. Alex (boy Alex) Scott, Madison, Heather and Pam were also tapping and time keeping.

Sessions focused on different technique, speed and stamina, and specific stroke technique was implemented, where a swimmer had a particular weakness area

We had one late evening session, which has always proved to be successful from previous camp experience, focusing on just starts, turns and finishes, with every staff member (yes including Steve) taking part from in the water. We all worked hard but had some fun too. The walk back in the dark also proved to be interesting and hot chocolate was waiting for us upon our return.

For the relay session, each team was given a captain, Aimee, Scott, Emaan, and Grace There was some great encouragement shown. Everyone took part except for Steve and I, even our younger swimmers, and everyone showed great support for all of the swims, with Scott, Aimee and Grace all winning at least one relay each. However, I would like to acknowledge Aimee and Scott as their captaincy was outstanding, ensuring that all swimmers including those with sight impairments were well supported.

Didn't they do well

After each session, one swimmer was acknowledged per lane for their hard work.

Session 1
Lane 1 - Joshua
Lane 2 - Chloe (she got moved up a lane)
Lane 3 - Teigan
Lane 4 - Phoebe

Session 2
Lane 1 - Rebecca
Lane 2 - Konrad
Lane 3 - Ashrita
Lane 4 - Noah

Session 3
Lane 1 - Scott
Lane 2 - Saana
Lane 3 - Daisy
Lane 4 - Daniel E (well done on that 400m)

Session 4 (Swimmers were starting to feel it by now so hard work was required)
Lane 1 - Joseph
Lane 2 - Olivia
Lane 3 - Sam
Lane 4 - Hasnat

Session 5 (starts, turns and finishes)
Lane 1 - Haydar/ Caitlyn
Lane 2 - Violet/ Jodie
Lane 3 - Emily J / Georgina
Lane 4 - Vernon /Scott

Session 6
Lane 1 - Sarah/Alice
Lane 2 - Grace
Lane 3 - George
Lane 4 - Natascia

and afterwards

In the evening, we were all entertained by the singers, dancers and musicians with everyone joining in. The last night was disco night. Every single person was on that dance floor, bar one, and doing the Cha Cha Slide. Even those squad members who are usually a little reluctant to dance joined in. Everyone supported everyone else, and as a little person pointed out to me later on that evening, the people with working arms and legs and working eyes and ears (their words), helped out those without 4 working legs and arms or working eyes so that everyone could do the Macarena together. It was a tear jerking moment, and I wasn't the only one with tears in my eyes, as Steve got a little emotional too.

This year was outstanding for the behaviour and conduct of all our swimmers. They represented Orion SC and Orange Squad with honour and pride. The respect and comradeship shown by everyone, was exceptional with everyone helping out others, being helpful and supportive towards staff and even offering comfort to teammates when the tiredness kicked in. Older swimmers supported younger swimmers in ways that is probably unheard of in other areas of sport. From just clapping and cheering, to giving guidance and advice, they were all amazing and everyone should be very proud of themselves. I can tell you, I am very proud of all of them. The staff at the pool congratulated me on the quality of swimming being demonstrated, and on the behaviour of all our swimmers. They were impressed. The comment from one staff member was that she wished members of the public who used the pool were as well behaved as our squad members.

We had some of the best weather we ever had this year. Dry throughout, and one morning we only had sweatshirts on the beach. Very brisk at 7am but by the time we walked back after swimming the sun was out and the temperature came up. Bit of a change since we came back so we very lucky indeed.

Luggage - bags and bags of it

There was an awful lot of luggage. Some cases were packed far to heavy for little people to carry, and we had one case that must have had the kitchen sink in it. Next year, we will be putting a maximum weight limit on cases, as my back was very sensitive for a few days after loading and unloading. The coach was also just about at the limit of luggage space and both cars were also full. If you can go on a plane with just a cabin bag for a few days I am quite sure you can go on a swim camp without taking the contents of the kitchen cupboards, and the cupboard itself. Far too heavy bags guys!! . Well done to Hasnat, Natascia and Haydar, who had the lightest bags and did not run out of clothes once. (I won't mentioned the lack of toothbrushes and toothpaste though!) Can I just say a quick thank you to Joseph at this point? . He could see I was struggling to carry a large suitcase (which became known as the kitchen sink suitcase) and he immediately took it off me and carried it himself without asking or without prompting. A thank you is due as well to Konrad, as he is unable to carry bags himself but he opened every door and held it open to ensure a clear passage for those who were doing the carrying, demonstrating that everyone can help regardless of impairment.


Phone calls

I do need to mention the phone calls. Its not often I will go on a rant about negatives but this needs reporting - hence going into the coaches report. We did have a few tears here and there, with a couple of homesick guys -but not from the people we were expecting a problem with and certainly not for long. This is normal behaviour and quite expected and there is nothing that I have not seen or dealt with before. In fact this year, we only had one person get up in the night for about an hour whereas, in the past, I have been up all night, so this was no real issue. Mobile phones do not help in this situation, with swimmers phoning home and then upsetting the parents, who then phone me, only to find that their child no longer home sick, but now enjoying themselves with the evening activities. I had one parent phone me at 5.15am to check on their child - that really was out of order as it was not an emergency but only to check whether their child had a good night sleep. The comment was that they knew I would be awake before long so thought it would be a good time to phone. When you do not get to bed until after 2am and having to get up every 2 hours to carry out personal care with swimmers with additional needs, phoning at that time was totally unacceptable. If I am totally honest I have had more problems from parents this year than I did from any of the swimmers.. Contact time took nearly 3 hours on Wednesday night, so this was scrapped after that, as the squad missed out on the trip to the cinema due to lack of time. As contact time had to be limited to 5 minutes per person (with more than 50 people to get through contact time it still took nearly 3 hours) , this resulted in parents phoning me back to ask whether their child was ok, whether I would give them a hug ( hugs are always given where and when appropriate and to make a phone call to ask me to give a hug really wasn't necessary) whether they could speak to their child there and then. I got complaints that they could not get through to my phone as it was constantly engaged and that I was not replying to text messages. I was a little bit busy looking after 54 people, so replying to non-urgent messages was not a priority. At one point I had over 16 messages to respond to, either from texts or voice messages. Once I had sorted out the more important concerns and dealt with those, the non-urgent messages took a real back seat. I ended up replying to text messages around one in the morning as this was the earliest time I was available to reply to non urgent messages. By the time, swimmers were settled in bed, I had got a shower and a drink, sorted out the equipment and resources for the following day and completed the personal care routines for some people with additional needs etc it was at least one o'clock before we sat down. All staff have to do a room check every 30 minutes, which results in a never-ending cycle, once we have completed the last set of rooms, the first set need checking again. I then had to start to reply to messages that had been left on my phone. I sent out photos and tweets and updated information on the web site. I do feel that I did everything I could to keep parents informed. With some swimmers making inappropriate phone calls off their own mobile phones resulting in even more phone calls and text messages from parents, it was decided to remove all the phones. I got some very inappropriate and some very sarcastic messages from parents who were disappointed that they could not speak to their child at a time when it was convenient for them. I had one swimmer phone their parent to tell them a little story of a problem and it got completely blown out of proportion. The parent then phoned me very concerned and started to shout and really spoke in an inappropriate tone to me. Phone calls like this can be very upsetting. I understand that parents wish to speak to their child (I am a parent myself) but the amount of problems the access to mobiles was causing, now means that next year camp will have a no mobile phone policy enforced from day one Swimmers, who find it difficult to be parted from their phone, will not be able to attend next year, as no phones will be allowed at all. They will be left at home.

More time

We stayed for an extra day this year, and I have to say it was so much easier to organise. By having the extra pm session, it allowed for additional activities, and without trying to cram in too much into too little time. It meant, packing to come home was less stressful, and we even managed another trip to the beach before leaving. Steve, Pam, Heather, Georgina and I also sneaked in another cup of tea before the journey home.

Next year

We plan to return next year, and there will hopefully be an invite going to the majority who attended this year. However, the number we took is really close the maximum we can cope with, and with more and more Orange Squad swimmers coming through, it will mean that we cannot invite everyone again. Very sad for some I know, but with 12 months of planning and 6 months of organising, and 4 nights with next to no sleep, the number has to be capped. For next year's camp to be available and to be successful, and to take most of this year's attendees funds will need to be raised. We managed it this year, so hoping that we can be successful again in raising the money for next year.

Well done and thanks....

Well done Aimee, Grace, Noah, Fabian, Phoebe, Sarah, Violet, Alex D, Madison and Georgina on turning up to training on Sunday - Well done me for turning up to teach and coach you. I did catch 40 winks between the sessions as 9 hours sleep in 5 days eventually caught up with me. (Yes I only got 3 hours sleep on Saturday night as well - long story)

I would like to thank everyone who helped with the organising of this camp. The organising started way back early last year, and yes it does take that long, to ensure the bookings are correct, the transport is correct, the accommodation is correct and that the staffing levels are correct. Staff have to complete mandatory training before they can attend, giving up their free time over and above the half term week time (with the majority having to book annual leave to attend), and a lot of paperwork including the risk assessments for each person/swimmer/session/activity/ travel etc has to be completed. This is why when swimmers drop out at the last minute it becomes very difficult, and organisation has to be changed, causing a lot of extra stress on others. It can also means that a swimmer could end up in a room on their own if a replacement cannot be found, and again that's can spoil someone else's enjoyment of the camp. Hotel has to be paid for in full 6 months before the camp with deposit paid for at least 10 months in advance, the rooms have to be booked and confirmed so numbers have to be given. Pool lanes have to be booked nearly 12 months in advance, and staff annual leave is usually booked now for next year to ensure the time off is authorised. Planning can be just as hard work as the actual camp itself but it is worth every minute and it would not cross my mind not to do it again and again. It is such a great experience and really an honour to plan, organise, implement and repeat. Most of the hiccups have now been ironed out from our past experiences, so this year, was fairly smooth running.

I would like to firstly thank Heather. We had 27 swimmers on medications this year. That takes a lot of managing. Heather rarely got a hot meal, as by the time the medication was checked, recorded and administered her meal had gone cold. Without her, some of your swimmers would not have had their medication on time, or be creamed sufficiently. I have to say that this year, I was only required to be on creaming duty twice, with Heather implementing the cream routines all the other times. With some swimmers having to have cream applied both before and after swimming at every session, first thing in the morning and before bedtime that's not a quick task and along with medication also being administered several times a day, morning, bedtime, and one set to be given at midnight, it needed organisation and implementing effectively and the routines were completed very efficiently. Well-done Heather as its not easy.

Thank you to all the helpers who supported individual swimmers with turn work. Thank you to the teenage girls who wrote out the evening meal orders for Pam to check every day. Grace, Saana, Aimee, Sarah, Emaan, were very helpful and supportive throughout, going out of their way to help all the staff out. They soon got the knack of holding hands with little ones when crossing the road, carrying bags for those who could not do so themselves, and reading out menus. Alex J (boy Alex) and Alex D (girl Alex) supported with teaching and coaching on poolside.

A huge thank you to Pam, who watched all the swimmers with dietary requirements, monitored and checked everything several times, to ensure safe eating. Not an easy job with so many swimmers on specific requirements. She liased with the chef and ensured that all needs were met. This year was the largest amount of people on dietary requirements and every one of those needs were met. Pam, Heather and I sorted the lunchtime meals, and again without the help, I suspect, there would be have been some hungry people around.

Pam and Heather both mastered tapping skills for our sight impaired swimmers, became hair dressers, and supported our younger swimmers with changing and dressing and being those all important chaperones. Both of these ladies were also on the rota for night duties.

Thank you to Georgina, who mastered the art of getting a lot of clothes into very small cases, reading bedtime stories, and juggling 10 tasks at once. Georgina also carried out feeding duties, freeing up other staff to carry out their tasks. She supported me with supervising and transporting and she helped with the wheelchair users. She was also on night duties and had the daunting task of getting the teenage girls out of bed in the morning. (I suspect that was the hardest bit of all) I also suspect she was behind some of the practical jokes that's seem to land in my direction despite denying all knowledge.

A very special thank you to Steve and his superb coaching skills that allowed lane 1 to achieve the main aims. He also drove there and back, which meant we were able to take the number of swimmers we had, as the transport coach could only accommodate 49 people (although Steve and I do need to work on our mind reading skills a little during the drive) He has the knack of keeping me sane (not an easy job as I must be stark raving mad in the first place) pointing out when I need to stop and rest, and providing me with lots of much needed tea. I also suspect along with Georgina that he was also behind some of the practical jokes that seem to land in my direction, despite denying all knowledge.

A thank you goes to Orion committee who supported the camp and provided payment for the pool hire and coach and other extras. Without the support of the committee, the amount the swimmers pay would have been a lot higher.

Highs and Lows

I know this list wont mean a lot to some people and only those who were there at the time will appreciate some of this, but it's worth a read and hopefully will bring back some fond memories for all who attended and a smile to those who did not.

No Parking ticket for Karen this year - first year in the history of our camps (unless of course its coming through the post)

Coach journey to Truck stop at Whitchurch via Stoke on Trent

Are we there yet?

Steve drove straight passed Karen who had pulled over to speak to him after a series of phone calls and I could not master that art of mind reading - did try but failed so had to stop and phone.

Sam's rock off the beach - it was a boulder and the size of 3 house bricks. No Sam you cannot have that in your room even if it has got a fossil in it.

Joe's nasal passage ways being cleared by walking up to the top floor - nothing to do with the fact that the girls were on the top floor by any chance!! He said he had a blocked up nose and the third floor was higher so therefore, his nose would clear - ummmm - good try Joe

Star wars laser light toothbrushes - what the heck!!

Two-minute timer toothbrush that took 10 minutes - someone forgot to set the timer

Fabian and Noah's beds on the ceiling - adjustable height beds that were very well adjusted

Invisible toothpaste and invisible toothbrushes

Karen's spare toothbrush that was no longer spare

Sarah's red bag in the locker, I didn't put it in there - I put it on poolside, I don't think it got into the locker by itself Sarah! We only spent about 30 minutes looking for it.

Hasnat's lost shoes - also in the lockers

Daisy soaking wet socks - she walked back into the shower area at the pool to retrieve her shampoo after getting dressed but without putting on her shoes

Balancing toast racks on heads - new game.

Steve's leaky teapot - we get one every year and end up with tea all over the place

The drunken man statue (its really the Mad Hatter - very apt)

Noah's traffic warden role

Monster feet Slippers

Split groups in the pool - I want to be in that group, I want to go in that one etc

The local tramp at the pool in reception area - what a safeguarding nightmare

Phoebe's pants - don't ask

Natascia's fall - what a bump

Emily with Wheels forgot to duck

Sam's tickets on the pier - they get tickets to exchange for prizes in the arcade - he had 946 tickets, yes they were counted and it made us late for the swim session.

No sugar for the tea

Lining up for photo at Truck stop - car wanting to get passed, so we moved then we lined up again, then car came back, so we moved then we lined up again then car went again so we moved a third time and lined up again.

Violet's fish and chips - I am still hungry even though just had breakfast. Had to contact mum and tell her that her child did not stop eating.

Bobbie and Phoebe dressing up to go to the arcade

Swimmer with no clothes on, wandering on poolside- nonononono

Phone alarms going off from 5am after mobile phones were removed. What a combination of different alarms between 5am and 6am

Vernon scraping the pudding bowl -leave the pattern on the bottom of the bowl Vernon

Playing the lets find the float game

Playing the lets find the pullbouy game

Playing the lets find my fins game

Playing the where is my mesh bag game

Karen walking into the door - still got the bruise from that one

Alex's socks

The man wearing a kilt and what an eyeful we all had!

Lane 3 swimmers going the wrong way round, up the middle, down the middle, upside down, inside out back to front etc. What a palaver

Karen calling a boy a girl - opps he had long hair

Alex running over Karen's foot with his wheelchair - it hurt!!

Dry toothbrush - I really did brush my teeth but then I dried my toothbrush on my towel so it is perfectly dry - I soooo believe that one, not!

Karen trying to pick up a hot teapot by the spout instead of the handle - that was a painful error - sore fingers

Alex's lie down on the bathroom floor - never again Alex

Playing board games in the day room - so nice to see people playing games with no sign of an X Box or any electronic devices at all.

George throwing the cards out of the day room window (cheating)

Tanesh throwing the cards out of the day room window (cheating too)

Domino at the bottom of the pool (suspect more cheating involved here)

The three Amigos (Fabian, Noah, Sam)

The Four Amigos (Fabian, Noah, Sam, Tanesh)

The Five Amigos (Fabian, Noah, Sam Tanesh, Little Dan)

The Seven Amigos (Fabian, Little Dan, Tanesh, Noah, Elliot, Sam, George)

Lego at the bottom of the pool

Lego in pockets

Lego in the bed

Lego at the breakfast table

Lego on the floor

Lego in the mesh bag

Lego in the swim bag

Lego in my car

Lego on the coach

Lego on the pier

Lego on the beach

Basically Lego everywhere

Lego shop on the pier - lost the will to live in there

Paying for goods in the shop on the pier with 2ps - the shopkeeper lost the will to live too

Fish, chips, burgers, cheesy chips, slushes, rock, candy floss, ice cream, donuts and other junk food on the pier.

50p rock on the pier - can we make up our mind what flavour we want please?

Jamie's lost coat - left at the pool Steve had to go back and fetch it

Karen putting all the lost property on Ebay - all 2 black sacks worth

Little Dan forgot his swimming trunks - swam in pants (we have at least one swimmer every year swimming in pants) Good job it was little Dan and not Big Dan

Water bottle in the pool - that's not mine

Mini eggs for Karen and Georgina - more for Georgina than Karen!

Peter the seagull, he was very loud

Scott's oiled joints

Wet foot prints in the day room - it was from Karen's wet feet following the diving session.

One sad green flipper (not slipper) size small - try saying that very fast - it comes out as slipper not flipper

Fabian milk in the sugar bowl and then into the bowl of cereal - my mummy said I could some sugar on my cereal - so he had the lot!

Buckets and spades

Violets recap of the lesson at school (yes it was one of those birds and bees lessons and we had the whole learning repeated several times in graphic detail. I don't think it hurt the teenage girls to be reminded of it all again and again and again)

Karen's 200 cups of tea. We managed to train the staff eventually to provide larger pots and to be faster to get them onto the tables - it meant that I only pinched 2 cups worth from Scott's table. Still had leaky teapots though!

Very well behaved young people on the coach journey

Very well behaved swimmers at the pool

How much luggage? See photos

How many mesh bags? - Ran out of space in the car.

Steve's steamed up car due to the wet mesh bags

Loading and unloading the coach, how heavy was that suitcase? Definitely had the kitchen sink in it!

How many mesh bags with no names on?

Mesh bag from the car to the pool - Well done Dave on your carrying skills

Mesh bags from the pool to the car - I forgot to put it in the car so now I have to carry it.

Mesh bags with swim wear in it - searching the car for the one bag so the swim wear can be dried out

Teigan's mesh bag string ties that got pulled all the way through - replaced the bag in the end

Scott's mesh bag string ties that snapped- replaced the bag in the end.

How many pieces of equipment with no names on?

Drinks bottles - fill them up, no names, cant find, who does this one belong to?

Who does this belong to?

Removal of mobile phones - that did the trick, how peaceful it was, and everyone ate their dinner, and no unsuitable text messages, (except for staff of course - just seen yours again Georgina!)

Poolside shoes left on poolside - Good job Little Dan and Ashrita had their names on them. Mind you, by Friday we knew whom they belonged to as left after every session

Hiding the remote control

Fantastic swimming sessions even when the tiredness crept in

The walk to and from the pool

Lana shoelaces - how many times did we tie them?

No money (older swimmers who spent all their money without budgeting for the full stay and then had to go without - life skill lesson learnt I think)

Packs of donuts, chips on the pier, cooked dinner with starter, followed by chocolate fudge cake and a fizzy drink - wonder why someone felt ill later on that evening!

Rock shop fun

Arcade fun - let's watch the doors so no one can disappear, for an hour and a half - they really need a bench at the entrances

Queue for cashing in the tickets at the arcade.

Trying to remove swimmers from the arcade - need to start to round them up a lot earlier - we would get one group ready, go back for the next group and the first group would go back in again.

I can fly singing in my car

Alex J (boy Alex) toilet capers

Untidiest room award goes to Heather, closely followed by Karen, closely followed by Sairose, Maysoon, Imaani and Caitlyn's room, closely followed by George (boy George) and Tanesh room, closely followed by Fabian, Sam and Noah's room, closely followed by Chloe, Teigan and Lana room, closely followed by Scott, Jamie, Konrad and Alex J (boy Alex) room.

Tidiest room award goes to Pam and Steve room, closely followed by Violet and Natascia Room, closely followed by Elliot and Little Dan room, closely followed by Phillip (Big Phillip) Room.

Freedom - Free to run on the promenade after crossing the road holding hands

Little Dan doing Morecambe and Wise impressions.

Bat out of Hell impression - with air guitars

Spider in the land training box - Gabriel H is not going to get away with that one

Tea, toast in the morning.

How many chips at Truck stop?

Georgina's sausages.

Spillages - how far does one cup of squash go? How far does one glass of water go? We found out several times, at least once a day if not more.

Dropped one large jug of iced water - what a mess that made.

Cuddles at bedtime

Room keys that didn't work

Room keys with no numbers on

Room keys with the wrong name/numbers on

Room keys in bottom of bags

Room keys in pockets

Cant find room key

Gave up with room keys and just left door open

Heather went home with all the room keys and having to post back to the hotel

Creams to be applied, what little stars as I know they would have rather been playing than having their cream applied.

How long can one person spend in the shower after swimming? We found out

That big hill - cant get it up at 50mph Steve, need to do at least 60 to start with then drop down otherwise I end up in first gear. I know you have a bigger car engine than me!

Left hand turn at Chester on the way there - always get stuck at the lights every year

Right hand turn at Chester on the way back - no I didn't jump the lights!

More untied show laces

Empty water bottle that should have been filled before getting into the pool

The crab on the beach - I wasn't impressed with that, I asked them to find seashells - and they did but it still had the crab in it and it wasn't little. Steve came to the rescue but the crab jokes followed for days afterwards

2 balls found

Emily without a tail couldn't find a bucket for her shells, so she took her shoes and socks off and filled those instead - good thinking girl but small flaw in that arrangement - what are you going to wear to walk back to the hotel in?

Tanesh wet trousers - he went paddling - up to his middle

Where is the milk - it has been hidden from me so I couldn't have any more tea (sad face)

Karen couldn't get out of the changing rooms - the door wouldn't open

Got caught hiding Heather's breakfast

Red hot buns

Georgina's extra ice

Large glass of ice that got topped up with Baileys

Ten past seven these words were repeated about 45 times (that's was the time to be downstairs)

Cold meals for staff

Late meals for staff

Staff always last to be served

Staff always the last to leave the table

Pam feeding Alex trifle - what a mess, need more practice Pam

Voice messages and text messages on Karen's phone - far too many

Leaky juice cups

Lets try biting a hole in the bottom of the paper cups and sucking the juice through the hole - oh dear I seem to have dripped juice all down my top.

Naff hotel chips - pier ones were better

Dave (Vernon's carer) being attacked by the seagull and losing his ice-cream cone - that was really funny

The Chloe Clan - the three girls got collectively and lovingly referred to as the Chloe clan

Chuckle Brothers - to you, to me, to you, to me - Little Dan and Elliot bed time routine.

Singing - in tune, out of tune, in chorus, singly, in pairs, in groups, in large groups, loudly, quietly, with the correct words, with the wrong words, without any words, Singing like strangled cats

The word sex printed on a display outside the rock shop - Karen what does that say, what does that mean, - Told them I can t remember (not quite a fib)

Lunches - what a headache to organise and serve

Hasnat's brilliant breaststroke swim

Karen drank coffee by mistake - uck I don't like coffee

Sam you have 4 legs not 2 - errr I think not Steve, I think you will find that Sam has 2 legs. Steve meant the chair he was sitting on had 4 legs but it didn't come out like that

Lets put the coats wrong side out - that's not what was meant but that is what was said

Hair washing - how many little heads?

The strip - stop there, don't go any further

Hot hotel rooms - hence the striptease - need to get someone to hold down the t shirt whilst removing the sweatshirt, otherwise you end up removing more clothes than planned.

Tie up your laces!

Early mornings - everyone was up and ready on time - not an easy feat.

Toast, squash and tea in the morning

Hot chocolate top ups in the evening - we kept running out.

Missing leg - Well I didn't move it! It must have hopped by itself then

Phoebe's sneeze - Oh my I needed a clean T-shirt to wear - how do you remove a T-shirt covered in nose mucus without spreading it any further?

Daniel's nosebleed - oh my I needed another clean T-shirt - running out of clothes by this time.

Phoebe threw up on the coach - Phoebe needed a clean T-shirt, Georgina needed a sick bag.

Wet trousers from a sleeping child on my lap - more changes of clothes

Toilet accidents from younger swimmers or swimmers with additional needs - again more changes of clothes

Soaking wet trainers - both Karen and Steve's

Are you pregnant?

Aimee's bruises - I haven't mentioned where Aimee

Bruises on my legs that I have no idea where they came from

Bruises on Georgina's leg that we have no idea where they came from

Bruises on Heather's leg that we have no idea where they came from

Bruises on my arms - We think from the loading and unloading

Bruise on Fabian that we have no idea what happened - it just appeared over night.

The third wheel

Joseph - let me carry that for you

Joshua carrying the box - thank you Josh

Chloe lost shoe on the beach , found by Bobbie but she forgot to tell anyone she had found it until we had been searching for ages

Noah lost coat, found coat, lost coat, found coat, lost coat, found coat

3 hours sleep

4.30am risers

5am risers

5.15am risers

5.30am risers

Swimmers who did not rise at all without a sledge hammer on the door

Elliot's jump

Diving and the resulting showers that soaked Steve and I. Even my underwear was wet.

Cuddles and hugs

Georgina's sleep

Hasnat's sleep - he just dropped off anywhere.

9 hours sleep in 4 days

Head counts. Gave up with that one. People moving, lined up in 10's, and then changing lanes, then re counting, then moving again, lost count too many times. Changed system to register calling.

Registers - calling out name of swimmers for them to reply as present, not a good idea when we have swimmers who do not communicate.

More registers - with older swimmers allocated to call out for those who will not - gave up on that as they just called out randomly or too many people calling for others.

More registers - no one call out for anyone, if they don't answer don't mark off, then go back through the missing ones to see if they are there - that worked

Ran out of registers so had to write out all the names ready to mark off - need more registers next year

Emily with Wheels, Emily with a tail, Emily without a tail - too many Emily's

Girl Alex, Boy Alex, Girl George, Boy George, Big Dan, Little Dan, Big Phil, Philip T ( he didn't like being called little Philip) , too many people with the same name

Couldn't find Alex/Emaan at the station

Karen's bad back - needed pain killers

Steve's bad chest - needed inhalers

Pam's voice - needed resurrecting

Georgina's' Foot - needed ice packs

Heathers heat levels - too hot, too cold,

Sam's relay leg - what a swim

Noah's luxurious room - asked him what he liked best about the camp

Violet - I like eating food that my mum has not cooked.

Phoebe's hand gel - no one told her how much to put on so she put the lot on - opps

Cha Cha Slide and Macarena with all but one joining in

Joe having his hair platted

Jamie hopping to and from the toilet

Friday night was party night - what a great evening

Three wise monkeys - see photos

Pint of cider please

Crab in my drink - thanks Steve

Have you left anything in your room - no - are you sure? yes, are you positive? yes, ok so the £5 I found will belong to me then

The hotel name became Escape Plan - good try Noah at reading the hotel name

Fantastic weather

Group photo organisation - well done Aimee and Sarah

Group photo with everyone wearing kit. - That took some organising

Coach delayed for pick up - extra beach time

Staff going to the toilet in peace - no chance

Karen trying to go to the toilet with 20 swimmers all knocking at the door at the same time - thanks Georgina

Steve trying to go to the toilet with 20 swimmers all knocking at the door at the same time - thanks Georgina

Georgina trying to go to the toilet with 20 swimmers all knocking at the door at the same time - thanks Pam, Karen and Steve - revenge is so sweet

Maysoon Shells in pockets

Maysoon socks in pockets

My 16 pens - I took 16 pens with me and by Friday I could not find a single one

Dinner menus - Don't forget girls that the sight impaired cant read the menu so no good asking ‘what do you want?' You have to read out the menu first!!!!

Triangle shaped toast in the racks - all lined up, facing the right way.

Alex (boy Alex) being a doorstop and then being a shelf

Watch my bag Alex (boy Alex) please, ok Karen - where is my bag Alex? - dunno Karen !

I can't find my: -

Sweatshirt, coat, shoes, float, goggles, hat, watch, room key, coat, scarf, toothbrush, Pikachu, towel, trucks, hairbrush, toothbrush again, shoes again, mesh bag, swim bag, R2D2 cuddly toy, pyjamas, toothbrush again, Lego man, wallet, purse (that was me - don't ask), room key again, swim hat, shampoo, bucket and spade, remote control for the TV in the day room (we hid that one) , money, hair bobbles, swim bag, pants, one stripy sock, one red sock, one blue sock, two yellow socks, flip flops, one green fin, swimsuit, my red bag, shells, rock collection (it had found its way back onto the beach), my cup of tea ( it had been hidden), the sugar ( removed), tissues, jacket, lollipops, wallet (boy George), Lego bricks, instructions for the Lego spaceship.

And finally.....

I have been puked on, peed on, bled on, snotted on, pooed on, cried on, smacked, run over, and soaked from head to foot and I would not change a thing, I absolutely loved every single minute of it.

One of the best swimming camps we have ever, ever had and this is now our Eighth year. Fantastic time by all. Watching the squad bond as a team and supporting each other throughout the day makes it all worthwhile. Team working and social skills have developed and friendships have formed that will hopefully remain for many years. Fantastic swimming by all, fantastic coaching and teaching by all staff, great lifetime experience that won't ever be forgotten.


Photo gallery

Photo gallery - Llandudno 2018

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