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Llandudno Diary 2019

Coach's report

Read Karen's report about the recent swim camp. There will be a quiz later on to check that you have read it......

And finally.....

Some more photos

Friday 22nd

And here are some photos from Friday's swim camp

Thursday 21st

Photos from the 21st February

Wednesday 20th

Photos from the 20th February

Tuesday 19th

Photos from 19th February at Llandudno

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Monday 18th

Be at Langley pool at 10am tomorrow please. We have an massive amount of work to get the swimmers, luggage and staff loaded up and ready to go.

Don't be the one we sit and wait for........

Keep an eye on our Twitter feed as well as this page.

Thursday 14th

In case you've lost it, you can click to see the Llandudno letter from Karen which hopefully will answer all your questions and which contains guidance and advice on almost everything except the size of the universe.

All swimmers (and their parents/carers) are reminded that all items need to be labelled with swimmers name including all clothing and that a lunch box is required for the Tuesday. Please do not pack sweets or fizzy drinks in the lunch boxes. All swimmers require a drinks bottle that does not have a detachable lid, for use at the hotel and on poolside. It would be beneficial to bring 2 drinks bottles to save transporting the bottle to and from the pool. We have made arrangements for the kit bags to be stored at the pool between the swim sessions (not overnight). Do not fill the second bottle, it makes the bag too heavy for your swimmer to carry.

Please do not make your suitcase/holdall/travel bags too heavy. Swimmers are expected to carry their own bags unless physically (either through disability or age) unable to do so.

Please refer to the kit requirements on the letter, and ensure that all items of kit are named please including the mesh bag itself. The pool does not lend out any equipment.

All swimmers are going to be allocated roles or little tasks to be completed whilst we are away. They are all expected to help out regardless of age or disability, even if it is just to carry a bag for a younger person or hold open a door or to help clear away after lunch time (the hotel does not provide lunch, the staff prepare this). This promotes their independence, communication and social skills.

There is going to be a land training session on poolside every morning and every afternoon - all swimmers will be taking part in this. Those with rollers will need to bring them to Llandudno please.

My email address is, so any questions can be sent to this address, although I think all the information that is required is within the letter.

I think most swimmers are really looking forward to the camp, and I know there are a few who are getting really excitied. I also know there are a few who are a little apprehensive, thats normal and once we are on the way, they soon get into the swing of things.

Its going to great fun and I know all the staff are really looking forward to it.


3rd February - no news is good news

This is the page for parents and carers of those who are going to the Llandudno Swim Camp in 2019.

The idea is that this diary will be updated - hopefully daily - while everyone's away in Llandudno. It will be your major source of information about what they're doing and what's happening.

There are approximately 50 swimmers away in Llandudno. If say half the parents/carers text the staff to make sure their swimmer is OK - then this will become a massive drain on the staff resources which could/should be better used looking after the swim camp.

So, come to this page, see how everyone's doing and assume that no news is good news. There's no need to keep texting to ask if your swimmer is OK. We have your contact details - so if there is a problem you can be assured that someone will be in touch with you.