Orion Swimming Club is based in South and West Birmingham. We offer swimming lessons from beginners upwards and competitive swimming in several swimming leagues. We also have an active para and disability squad. We have swimming sessions 7 days a week at King Edward's School pools, Edgbaston; Blue Coat School; Harborne Leisure centre; Morris Centre and Langley Baths.

Orion SC are a swim21 approved club. swim21 accreditation is the ASA's recognised kitemark for the development of effective, ethical and sustainable affiliated clubs.

Welcome to our website. Hopefully you will find all the information you need. If you want to try out swimming with Orion, and would like to know more about our free trial, please fill in the form on our contacts page and email it to us at

Orange Squad swim camp 2018

Everyone's arrived safe and sound


Orion half term swimming timetable

Orion timetable from 18th February to 25th February

Something in the water...?

Over the last 2 weeks I seem to have been exposed to a series of inexplicable transitions within the J1 boys.

My beautiful, charming, pleasant J1 swimmers who are a pleasure to teach, seem to transform into Ninja Kicking, shampoo throwing bandits the second that they hit the showers at Blue Coat pool boys changing rooms.

I conclude that there is something in the shower water, which makes J1 swimmers (and it would seem that the water is only affecting J1 boys) suddenly become Karate Kid impersonators.

However, whatever is causing the transition is largely irrelevant, what is more important is how we can work together to ensure that the towel flicking tumbleweeds are not physically hurting each other.

Whilst I have tried talking to the whole group, talking to individual swimmers, and talking to small groups, it would seem my words are being countermanded and then largely ignored as the shower water transforms our normal, kind hearted, considerate, friendly children into the bottle throwing, name calling, creatures from the black lagoon

This has to stop and I am asking for parental support to help manage this situation before it escalates any more.

If I have any more problems in the boys changing rooms following the J1 sessions, a sanction will have to be put into place. However, I am hoping that this will be unnecessary by having supportive parents who will be looking out for any further Gremlin conversions that maybe taking place and act accordingly to prevent such a transition from re-occurring.


Championships Results

Check out our Championships page for the official results

Warwickshire County Swimmers

Congratulations to these Orion swimmers who represented Warwickshire on 2nd September.


Always nice to get some artwork from our talented swimmers.

Parking at King Edwards

The Chief Master has specifically stated that under no circumstances should any person park their vehicle on the double yellow lines throughout the site, at the Ruddock Performing Arts Centre and most definitely not on the grass verges.

We hope you will take note and act accordingly to maintain the good relationship we have with the school.

To see the dates on which parking at King Edwards is prohibited - please see our changes and closures web page

In order to park on the King Edwards School site, all cars must display a parking sticker. Failure to do so may end in tears.

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Fundraising reminder

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Lifeguarding opportunities

We are currently looking for lifeguards to cover our sessions